• Brokerage Desk Management (pricing/orders flow establishment & maintenance etc)

  • Dealing on Own Account Desk Management (A,B,C books etc)

  • Trading Platform Administration

  • Trading Servers Administration

  • Various Customized trading tools development

  • Online marketing campaign development & maintenance

  • Liaison with counterparties on behalf of a Broker

  • Interaction with clients on behalf of a Broker on several languages

  • Client Complaints analysis and investigation

With regards to the Dealing Desk (DD) operations, efficiency of which is most influential to a Business Profitability, we can suggest a relative (i.e. % basis) quantitative parameter for you to assess your DD performance. So, you can perform some calculation on your side for a past period. And we will tell you whether we could enhance your DD efficiency.

The list represents only most popular services. They can be rendered separately or combined. Something more unique your business might need is also discussable. Some of our other services for General Business listed here also might be interesting for you.

Let's discuss it!